Buy Da Blocc LLC

Renovate and Resell Homes 
in Baltimore, MD

Buying a home that needs restoring can be a daunting task. Get all the information you need to renovate and resell houses in Baltimore, MD, with expert training materials from Buy Da Blocc LLC. With our homebuyer consultations, we come in and survey your property, providing you with a tailored list of "Renovation Do's and Don'ts" to help you maximize your investment and value to the community.

"Renovation DO'S AND DON'TS"

For a flat fee of $50.00, we survey your property, providing you with valuable home renovating insight that emanates from our years of hands-on experience. You will benefit from this service if you plan to sell the property eventually. We know what the residents of Baltimore want in a home and will impart our knowledge and experience to help you restore a dilapidated house into someone's dream home.